Posted by Caveo Learning ● November 1, 2014

3 Case Studies to Prove Business Value of Effective Training Strategy

Building an effective training strategy is critical to achieving business value of learning. It acts as a blueprint for the future state of the learning organization while defining how custom training will align with the larger organization’s operational goals. It focuses on creating a strategic management process for organizational performance solutions and builds an infrastructure to support change initiatives.

Here are three case studies in which Caveo Learning has helped clients build and realize business value from a comprehensive learning strategy.

International Automotive and Assembly Company

Early in the operational transformation and implementation of SAP, an automotive and assembly company engaged Caveo to develop a global learning strategy. Caveo conducted a top-to-bottom learning strategy and audience analysis, including examining global team structure, course development, training delivery, learning sustainability, and post-initiative assessment. Caveo implemented a unified global learning strategy to meet the needs of the organization, end users, and the global training organization. Once implemented, the speed to performance of the end users was reduced from six months to one month, reducing support costs, increasing operational competency, and realizing ROI on training initiatives sooner.

Premium Fashion Retailer

This business merged its service and billing call centers to create a universal one-call resolution agent structure. During ther merger, the company introduced a new call routing and agent management system, but was not achieving the outcomes for training initiatives or the cost savings that were expected. Caveo was engaged to develop a call center transformation strategy. Our team conducted an analysis of the call center processes, procedures, agents, management, call routing, training solutions, and workforce management. Caveo implemented a call center training and performance support strategy to ensure the alignment of all call center operations, management support, hiring practices, and onboarding process, and continuation training. Once the learning solutions were implemented, all metrics exceeded the operational and sales goals established during the learning strategy development phase. In addition, Caveo worked with the company’s call center team to build the capability to ensure the metrics realized during implementation were institutionalized.

Global Multi-Asset Executors

This firm is a leading company in clearing, prime brokerage, and financing services for companies across the globe. Its risk management department was experiencing a backlog of service applications due to the extended timelines to review and assess the risk associated each application. Caveo conducted an assessment of the application review, workflow, performance support solutions, and risk assessment process. Finally, we implemented an operational and process realignment to reduce the time to review and assess an application, from 18 months to 6 months, without any additional exposure to financial risk.

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