Custom Learning: One-of-a-Kind
Tools and Systems That Make a Difference

Your users and business goals are ultimately what define your custom learning needs.

We ask the right questions up front and check in with you through every step of development, pivoting as needed, to create content that is effective and truly unique to your organization.

So, you end up with better training at a better value—because it’s perfectly tailored to your needs, and we get it right the first time.

Flexible Learning Options Adapted to Your Needs

We design personalized training programs that are both distinguished and effective—world-class, commercial-quality products that you can be proud of.

vILT: Virtual Instructor-Led Training

It’s common to assume a live lesson can simply be recorded and packaged as video training, but attention spans are shorter on a device than in a classroom. Our vILT creates a compelling, interactive experience that works.


Classroom-Based Learning

Even though this is typically what comes to mind when you think of learning, our style is anything but typical. We’ll work with you to develop lessons that are fun, engaging, and memorable long after the class is over.


When you have staff across various locations or on different schedules, getting everyone trained at the same time can be difficult. Our digital solutions allow for self-paced learning that employees can complete (and repeat) anytime.


Game-Based Learning and Simulations

Sometimes, the best way to learn is by doing. Whether virtually or in-person, our game-based and simulation options allow your team members to put their training to the test with enjoyable challenges they can practice until they master the skills.


Did you know people usually stop absorbing information after spending an average of seven minutes on the same topic? Microlearning breaks down lessons into short, digestible bursts that make it easy to get a quick refresher on a process or concept.


Mobile Learning

Tools like checklists and manuals that need to be accessed from the field should always be optimized for smartphones and tablets. We consider your needs to design a user experience that wins—no matter the size of the screen.

Blended Learning Programs

No two learners are alike, and certain subject matter may work better in different formats. Our blended learning programs deliver content in a variety of ways to make sure we’re covering all the bases and fully resonating with everyone.

The Content

At Caveo, we work best when we work as an extension of your L&D team. In that sense, we view our clients as business partners, and the materials we make in that partnership are yours completely.

A Deeper Dive Into Custom Learning

Discover more about the benefits and features of personalized learning programs from Caveo.



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