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Day-in-the-Life Training a Key Part of Effective Team Building

Posted by Robert Davis and Russell Williams on September 8, 2016

Imagine a basketball player driving for the hoop on a fast break—the defenders move in front of him, and with his eyes still set straight ahead, he lofts the ball to his left. His teammate grabs it on the dead run, and with the defense outflanked, dunks it. Beautiful play. The crowd goes wild.

How did the player know for certain that his teammate was there? That’s teamwork fed by familiarity, trust, and a knowledge that goes as deep as muscles and bone. Those traits are key to building an effective, engaged team that works in sync.

In team-building training, learning & development tends to focus on individual skills: demonstrating leadership, employing empathy, listening, and using the “yes, and” response that allows groups to find consensus-based paths forward. But what have we done about building essential knowledge of another person’s perspectives, mindset, and the job responsibilities that they own? And what steps have been taken to foster commonality across work units, divisions, or between distinct groups within the organization, all of which may have competing viewpoints?

This is where day-in-the-life training comes in.

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Curriculum Architecture Design Part of Learning Strategy Development

Posted by Caveo Learning on November 1, 2014

The curriculum architecture design development process produces a defined structure of performance-based learning solutions and training deliverables for specific jobs or job functions within an organization.

The curriculum provides a detailed map for the learning journey and prioritizes events throughout. Outputs include target audience analysis data, performance models, knowledge and skills matrices, assessments of existing training and performance support, and a capabilities maturity assessment.

Here are three case studies illustrating how Caveo Learning helped clients solidify an effective learning strategy through the curriculum architecture design development process.

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eLearning Must Include Interactivity to Be Effective

Posted by Caveo Learning on November 1, 2014

Achieving behavioral change through eLearning requires more than just reading text on a screen and viewing demonstrations with flashy graphics. In order for behavior to change, a level of interactivity must be built into the instructional design, engaging the learners to help them better understand the issues at hand.

Caveo Learning offers several different types of eLearning courses to meet specific business needs, including: simulations and scenarios, gamification, translation and localization services, mobile learning, and blended learning. Our curriculum development teams identify the appropriate solutions to create lasting behavioral change.

Here are three case studies illustrating the value of eLearning as part of a larger learning strategy.

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Case Studies Illustrate Caveo's Instructional Design Expertise

Posted by Caveo Learning on November 1, 2014

The right learning solutions require the right approach. Caveo Learning's instructional design experts apply a systematic model to designing and developing documentation, instruction, and support tools for a wide variety of training initiatives.

The range of instructional design solutions offered by Caveo include eLearning, classroom training, virtual learning, and mobile learning, and blended learning approaches. Whenever possible, our strategic learning partners create opportunities for learners to sufficiently demonstrate they can perform any task expected of them.

Here are three case studies that briefly demonstrate our learning and development strategy.

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3 Case Studies to Prove Business Value of Effective Training Strategy

Posted by Caveo Learning on November 1, 2014

Building an effective training strategy is critical to achieving business value of learning. It acts as a blueprint for the future state of the learning organization while defining how custom training will align with the larger organization’s operational goals. It focuses on creating a strategic management process for organizational performance solutions and builds an infrastructure to support change initiatives.

Here are three case studies in which Caveo Learning has helped clients build and realize business value from a comprehensive learning strategy.

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