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Caveo's Barb Opyt talks Soft Skills in Training Industry article

Posted by Caveo Learning on May 2, 2019

Industry research has found that employers are more often concerned with performance gaps in soft skills—skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication—over technical hard skills—skills such as how to use equipment, and performing work tasks and procedures.

Caveo learning solution architect Barb Opyt discusses the difficulty of soft skills training and how to overcome the challenges in Why Are Soft Skills So Hard? on the Training Industry, Inc. blog.

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Training Sales Managers to Be Sales Leaders

Posted by Renie McClay on July 7, 2016

Any learning leader charged with supporting sales is familiar with the many complexities of the sales manager role.

Sales managers support new hires as they learn about the industry, the competition, and the company’s products and services. They help individual sales reps navigate account management, systems, and software. They coach and work with salespeople to maintain existing business while growing new business and achieving quotas. The list goes on.

There is an important distinction between managing and actually leading sales teams, and understanding that difference is crucial to providing training that elevates the organization to its true potential.

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Learning Leaders Share Advice for Success in L&D

Posted by Renie McClay on December 28, 2015

As part of our Interviews with Learning Leaders series, we asked some of the learning & development industry's cutting-edge thought leaders what advice they would give to their L&D counterparts. Here are their answers.

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Millennial Milieu: 10 L&D Tips for Engaging Young Professionals

Posted by Adam Kirby on February 26, 2015

Coming of age in an era of economic uncertainty, global instability, and profound technological change, Millennials are confounding to their employers. The generation is characterized as exceedingly narcissistic and lazy, and business leaders routinely express exasperation at the difficulty of integrating and engaging young professionals in the workplace.

Countless studies have been published examining this cohort's wants and needs, and several truths have emerged. As we explore how to engage with Millennials in a workplace learning context, it's important to understand their professional motivations, expectations, and perspectives.

Here are 10 facts about Millennials, along with corresponding advice on how organizations can better engage them from a learning and development standpoint.

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4 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement in Corporate Education

Posted by Adam Kirby on November 6, 2014

Mobile technology and an influx of Millennial workers used to accessing information instantly are among the factors driving organizations to expand their training initiatives beyond traditional frameworks.

In today's learning & development world, successful training depends on the ability to create and deliver corporate education that is interesting and engaging, and can be accessed when and where the learner desires it.

Here are 4 ways to increase employee engagement in corporate education.

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