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Are You Adapting, Shifting, or Planning Your Way Through the Storm?

Posted by Paul Powell and Brian Ziemba on May 27, 2020

You took all the right steps to ensure your learning program goes wellincluding proper planning for your analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation steps. You covered your bases on your project management plan and change management strategy. You planned for every risk you could imagine, yet we've still found ourselves facing a crisis that was previously inconceivable.

In our previous webinar, we discussed how you can come out of this pandemic more flexible and adaptable, now we've put together a few tips on how to continue to push your learning initiatives forward.

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Part 2: Converting a Live Webinar to Reusable eLearning—Is it THAT Easy?

Posted by Renie McClay and Eric Quarrell on May 5, 2020

Part 2: What's Next and Tips

In our first blog of this two-parter, we discussed the why—scheduling, resourcing, messaging—and the how—recording methods, adding interaction and/or tracking, using rapid development tools—of converting a webinar to eLearning.

In this second part, we’ll cover what’s next plus other tips to keep in mind.

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Part 1: Converting a Live Webinar to Reusable eLearning—Is it THAT Easy?

Posted by Renie McClay and Eric Quarrell on April 21, 2020

Part 1: Why and How

The landscape of the professional workplace has changed, and many companies are struggling to keep their employees trained in a virtual environment. How does a company with limited experience in distance learning keep their workforce informed? The answer for many companies is to conduct a live webinar, and sometimes this is a great solution. However, as with any training tool, it has its limitations and there are various ways to do it.

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Adjusting to the New Normal of Conducting Training Virtually

Posted by Louann Swedberg and Brian Ziemba on April 9, 2020

There are challenges to working remotely—every day. Some colleagues have shared tips about working virtually since we have been doing it for some time.

As we all adjust to the new normal, the recent travel bans and social distancing have made it impossible to conduct in-person training or meetings. We’ve heard from many clients who have had training cancelled and need help reconfiguring for virtual or digital delivery. 

Some organizations are ready to convert in-person training content into an eLearning format, but that can take time, and it won’t provide the same human touch as instructor-led training. If you already have an instructor and content, consider flipping your training into a virtual course. Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) provides a way for people to attend at the same time, benefit from the talents of your facilitator, and still be able to engage by asking questions or discussing in small groups.

The challenge is often in optimizing for virtual delivery and building in ways to keep the human connection strong. Here are some tips for preparing your existing content for virtual delivery:

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Transitioning to a Fun Instructional Design Career with Self-Teaching and Education

Posted by Renie McClay on January 9, 2020

After 16 years in veterinary medicine, sales, and training and development, Kelly Roche decided to change careers and pursue learning and development. She found her first opportunities working as an adjunct instructor, instructional designer, and course developer. After a few years of self-teaching, Kelly decided to earn a Master of Education in Instructional Design. Now with this degree, she works as a full-time Instructional Designer for Lumeris, a value-based managed services operator for health care and providers.

Kelly's primary responsibilities include eLearning design and development as an instructional designer, where she creates soft skills eLearning for employees of Lumeris. She is responsible for all aspects of the design and development process, as well as researching survey tools that Lumeris will use to start implementing an evaluation process for all courses.

Throughout all her careers, Kelly's passion has been to help people fix a business or training problem. She enjoys working with clients to find a "gap" (business or training problem) that a product or training can fix.

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Learning Leader on Transformational Lessons in Leadership Development

Posted by Renie McClay on November 21, 2019

Alejandro Cornejo joined Emerson at the start of 2019 as a Learning Center Facilitator. He facilitates leadership development workshops throughout the enterprise, and he is a core member of the Charles F. Knight Learning Center team in St. Louis, Missouri. Prior to Emerson, he worked at Bayer (formerly Monsanto) as part of the Inclusion & Diversity team within the Talent Acquisition, Compliance, and Contingent workforce organization. His responsibilities included the development and facilitation of various Inclusion and Diversity initiatives. He also served as the program manager for several local external leadership development and recognition opportunities for Bayer/Monsanto leaders.

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Digital L&D Leader on Innovating Learning Solutions for Busy Learners

Posted by Renie McClay on September 24, 2019

Marc McConathy, Principal Program Lead in Digital Learning Innovation with Chick-fil-A is a Missourian transplanted to Georgia. He earned a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and after a stint working in media in St. Louis and Kansas City discovered his love of corporate learning mashed up with technology during 8 years at Sprint. He then served in several roles in learning development, delivery, and technology at Centurylink and Hyla Mobile (a start-up serving the wireless industry). He joined Chick-fil-A in 2015 to serve restaurant Operators in training their employees through web and digital systems. In his current role, Marc leads the Understand, Imagine, and Prototype phases of the Chick-fil-A innovation process to transform learning in the restaurants for operational and cultural change.
Marc resides in Peachtree City, GA with his wife and four sons.

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Caveo's Sandy Stricker on Why Onboarding Doesn't Work

Posted by Caveo Learning on September 10, 2019

Onboarding failures are costly to your company in the form of money, time, and resources. If your new hires become quickly disengaged and unproductive, you may have a few hiccups in your onboarding to overcome.

Caveo learning solutions architect Sandy Stricker gives us solutions to the problems often seen in onboarding programs in the recent Training Industry, Inc. blog, 6 Reasons Onboarding Doesn't Work.

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Caveo's Brian Ziemba Schools Us on Meaningful Train-the-Trainer Programs

Posted by Caveo Learning on August 15, 2019

ILT takes valuable time and resources on the part of your learners and your company. With numerous learning options available now, all parties have come to expect a high quality, engaging, and memorable classroom experience to guarantee a positive return on investment (ROI).

Caveo instructional designer Brian Ziemba leads us through options for train-the-trainer programs to ensure success in your organization's learning efforts in the recent Training Industry, Inc. blog, Maximize Classroom Training with Meaningful Train-the-Trainer Programs.

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Caveo's Barb Opyt talks Soft Skills in Training Industry article

Posted by Caveo Learning on May 2, 2019

Industry research has found that employers are more often concerned with performance gaps in soft skills—skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication—over technical hard skills—skills such as how to use equipment, and performing work tasks and procedures.

Caveo learning solution architect Barb Opyt discusses the difficulty of soft skills training and how to overcome the challenges in Why Are Soft Skills So Hard? on the Training Industry, Inc. blog.

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