Posted by Caveo Learning ● November 1, 2014

eLearning Must Include Interactivity to Be Effective

elearning_tabletAchieving behavioral change through eLearning requires more than just reading text on a screen and viewing demonstrations with flashy graphics. In order for behavior to change, a level of interactivity must be built into the instructional design, engaging the learners to help them better understand the issues at hand.

Caveo Learning offers several different types of eLearning courses to meet specific business needs, including: simulations and scenarios, gamification, translation and localization services, mobile learning, and blended learning. Our curriculum development teams identify the appropriate solutions to create lasting behavioral change.

Here are three case studies illustrating the value of eLearning as part of a larger learning strategy.

Leading Telecommunications Company

A leading telecommunications company wanted to reduce truck rolls for equipment that had been set up incorrectly and create a “gold standard” for connecting their home entertainment equipment. Caveo Learning developed an eLearning module to teach field technicians how to integrate customers’ systems with different cable box units. The training initiatve earned the highest rating in the history of the cable provider’s learning function, and it was later repurposed for customer service agents to assist in troubleshooting with customers. In addition, it was made available to customers as a self-guided learning option.

Global Financial Services Company

A top-tier financial services company engaged Caveo to create effective compliance training for its  employees worldwide. This compliance training was required to ensure compliance in federal and state regulations as it relates to the banking and credit card services.

National Insurance Carrier

A leading consumer insurance carrier was receiving low customer service scores for its claims agents because claims adjusters were not able to properly identify the entirety of the damage to customer vehicles. Caveo worked with industry and subject matter experts to create an eLearning course to demonstrate how collision force, crumple zones, and types of collisions affect where damage actually occurs within a vehicle. Caveo used 3D modeling techniques to create a vehicle skeleton that accurately demonstrated the points of damage in a range of scenarios.

Topics: Instructional Design, eLearning, Case Studies