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Learning Analytics and the Value of Understanding L&D Metrics

Posted by Susan Robbins on February 23, 2017

When learning & development organizations successfully prove that they aren’t merely cost centers—that they reliably and verifiably deliver positive results to the bottom line of the enterprise—they inevitably gain stature and influence with business leaders. By establishing a solid metrics and measurement program, underpinned by a learning analytics process, learning leaders gain access to the evidence that illustrate their team's everyday impact.

Analytics turns learning metrics and measurement into insights that enable informed decisions and actions. Learning insights may include process efficiency, alignment of employee skills to business needs, and the impact of learning on key organizational metrics like staff turnover and leadership development capabilities. When analytics are leveraged effectively, they can influence not just how courses are designed or how the L&D function is staffed, but also larger decisions such as hiring and competency development.

The benefits of structured and consistent development and communication of learning analytics may extend to all levels of the organization.

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Insurance Trainers Conference Taps Caveo's Marshall to Speak

Posted by Caveo Learning on February 20, 2017

Joelyne Marshall, a learning solutions manager with Caveo Learning, is among the featured speakers at the 2017 Society of Insurance Trainers & Educators Annual Conference, June 18–20 in San Antonio.

Marshall will present "Building Successful Relationships with Your SMEs" on Day 2 of the SITE Conference. Her presentation focuses on cultivating more productive working relationships between instructional designers and subject matter experts.

From the session description: "The partnership with subject matter experts (SMEs) is critical for any training initiative. Training & development professionals must balance the science of learning design with softer skills to collaborate and execute on pressing deadlines. In this session, learn the Three Pillars for Building Trust en route to successful SME relationships through interactive exercises and engaging discussion. The skills of guiding, adapting, and helping are essential for efficient and effective training implementation."

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When to Use Just-in-Time Training Deliverables

Posted by Ashley Christian and Joie Marshall on February 16, 2017

Somewhere in the world, a billing clerk is telling a customer, “Sorry I’m slow. We just got training on our new system, but I’m still learning how the new processes work.” In a parking lot, a salesperson is trying to quickly get up to speed on a new line of products before walking into the next client meeting. In a cubicle, a helpdesk representative is explaining how to execute a new system process to an employee—the same process that 27 other people have called about in the past 48 hours.

The rate of change in today’s workplace is extraordinary—technological processing capacity and speed double every 18 months. What we know as work is changing faster than the actual spaces in which we work. Workers are faced with a constant barrage of learning requirements, along with the challenge of applying that learning as quickly as possible. Learning & development professionals need to support these workers on their learning journey by providing need-to-know information in an accessible way, when and where they need it—just in time.

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Caveo's McClay Selected to Present at 2017 ATD Conference

Posted by Caveo Learning on February 13, 2017

Renie McClay, a learning project manager with Caveo Learning, has been selected to present a session at the Association for Talent Development's 2017 International Conference & Exposition.

"Economical E-Learning: Keeping It Cool and Quality on a Budget," will be co-presented by Jann Iaco, eLearning training specialist with national retailer Crate & Barrel.

The 2017 ATD Conference, also known as ATD ICE, will be held May 21-24 in Atlanta. McClay's and Iaco's session is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 21, in room A411 of the Georgia World Congress Center.

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Plan to Avoid Potential Pitfalls of Virtual Learning Organizations

Posted by Laura Dall on February 9, 2017

As multinational companies continue to expand service offerings across the world, learning & development organizations must expand their workforces in kind. For practical and fiscal reasons alike, this expansion increasingly takes the form of virtual, cross-border L&D teams. The benefits of a virtual and global workforce are clear, but the challenges and potential pitfalls are not always so obvious.

When it comes to instructional design engagement across regions and time zones, there’s a combination of factors to consider: cultural and language differences, communication technology, conducting effective content, task and audience analyses, working with SMEs, facilitating content review sessions, holding creative virtual brainstorming sessions, and managing alphas, betas, pilots, updates etc., etc. ... It’s a lot to juggle!

The Association for Talent Development recognizes the importance of navigating this state within the learning and performance arena, with “having a global mindset” as one of the foundational competencies of the updated ATD Competency Model. Key actions associated with these competencies include appreciating cultural differences, conveying respect for different perspectives, developing cultural awareness, adapting behavior to embrace differences, advocating the value of diversity, and maximizing effectiveness through diverse contributions.

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Gamification is Overrated... Unless We're Talking Serious Games

Posted by Tim Youngman on February 2, 2017

Gamification is often cited by enthusiastic supporters as a tactic to engage and motivate learners by providing a more enjoyable learning experience. More importantly, when done well, gamification can provide meaningful context for the performance intervention while reducing time to competency, creating higher proficiency, and increasing retention.

Those things are generally true, yet gamification is lately losing steam as a learning trend because of the time and expense to develop and its difficulty to maintain. The question learning leaders need to ask is whether gamification is the right solution to achieve a given business objective. In most cases, it’s not.

Before we delve into when it's a good idea to use gamification, let's first define exactly what we are referring to—and what we aren't—when we talk about gamification.

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Caveo President to Present at 2017 Learning Solutions Conference

Posted by Caveo Learning on January 30, 2017

Caveo Learning President Gary Schafer is slated to speak at the 2017 Learning Solutions Conference & Expo, hosted by The eLearning Guild in conjunction with Learning Solutions Magazine. The conference will be held March 22–24 in Orlando.

Schafer's presentation is titled, "Aligning Your Learning Strategy for Maximum Impact," and will present learning leaders with practical tips on crafting key performance indicators for the learning function that tie directly to enterprise business objectives. Schafer, a certified consultant in Talent Development Reporting principles (TDRp) through the Center for Talent Reporting, will help participants effectively prove and communicate the business value of learning to their stakeholders.

From the session description:

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Best Practices for Using Video in Training Programs

Posted by Joelyne Marshall on January 26, 2017

Instructional designers are often tasked with using bells and whistles, including video, to make training programs "engaging,” but experienced IDs understand that engagement doesn’t come from simply placing a video into a deliverable. We know that connecting the dots for learners and providing relevant and purposeful content at the right time is truly what enhances engagement.

The use of video isn't a learning panacea, but video can nevertheless be an effective tool when deployed strategically.

Video works well in training programs when it’s part of a larger initiative—as a step along the learner’s journey. It can reinforce learning when it’s used as a designated touchpoint within the training.

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Cohesive Learning Curation: Building the Core of L&D

Posted by Robert Davis on January 19, 2017

The concept of curation may seem out of place in the learning & development world—it’s a term from visual arts that is now being used (some would argue misused) across the culture. But thinking about curation is perhaps just what L&D needs to exercise the proper selection and care of the learning objects and materials in our purview. A curator’s mindset can be used to engage perhaps the most neglected, even missing, part of many curricula: the core.

The curation of the core can be a way to invest in culture, make learning more experiential, and to induce a learning ecosystem. Just as importantly, curation can be used to reform the core as way to foster managed change.

But let’s begin with a story from far outside L&D that shows us the nature of a symbiotic curation...

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Caveo CEO to Present at 2017 Training Industry Conference

Posted by Caveo Learning on January 16, 2017

Caveo Learning CEO Jeff Carpenter has been invited to present at the 2017 Training Industry Conference & Expo, April 11-13 at the Raleigh Convention Center in North Carolina.

Carpenter's presentation is titled, "Winning Respect and Budget: Practical Steps for Aligning Training with Business." He will share strategies for aligning training with the business for maximum impact and effectively proving the business value of training to other departmental areas, in relevant and comprehensible terms.

Carpenter's session is scheduled for 4:55 p.m. on Wednesday, April 12.

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