Posted by Lauren Keen Aumond ● March 24, 2022

Training 2022 Recap – Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves

Training_2022_Recap_2x1.25Training 2022 wrapped up a few weeks ago, and while it’s still on our minds, we wanted to jot down some of our thoughts from the conference. In this post, we’ll give you some of our main takeaways and discuss some common questions about Caveo we encountered at the conference.

First off, we want to start by saying that it was great to see everyone at the conference again. We’re all still transitioning back into the new in-person conference style. This, more than DevLearn in 2021, had shades of 2020 with the omicron variant spike still so recent. There were fewer people in attendance, but looking on the bright side, that allowed us to have deeper conversations with the people who were in attendance.

So, we carried on and had a productive conference at Training 2022. Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth and our speaker session. It’s always a treat to get out and talk shop with so many training professionals.

Now, without further ado, we wanted to share some of our highlights from the week as well as reintroduce ourselves in a way, since there were some recurring questions about who Caveo is and what we do well.

Training 2022 – Our 3 Main Takeaways

#1) Mitch was amazing at the speaker session.

Speaker sessions are always a major highlight of any conference. It’s always great hearing new and innovative ideas from L&D professionals across all facets of the training industry. Training 2022 was no exception. We attended some insightful speaker sessions, and we hosted a fun one of our own.

Our CLO and VP of Learning Services, Mitch Weiss, did an excellent job leading our speaker session about reducing training time and costs by 20 – 30%.

If you couldn’t attend, here’s a quick summary…

The last two years have been among the most disruptive in recent memory for designers, developers, and L&D professionals. Departments are understaffed and overworked, and everything is in short supply, from designers to budgets. More than ever, businesses need cost- and time-efficient ways to roll out training.

The blend of ADDIE and Agile is so important, and Mitch did a great job of explaining why and showing how the process works and how projects are structured.

We got a lot of awesome questions at the speaker session. Mitch did well as he always does at fielding them and interacting with the crowd. We hope everyone got something out of the session. If you attended but didn’t get a chance to ask your question, feel free to follow up with us. We’ll be happy to talk.

#2) We loved our booth chats.

We had another busy-bee booth owing to many productive and interesting chats with attendees

While there were not as many booths or attendees as expected, we still got to see a lot of new faces. Tim Youngman, our Director of Learning Architecture (pictured above), was fantastic at the booth, keeping people engaged and being his usual friendly self. Barb Opyt, Eric Quarrell, and Molly Fisher contributed their knowledge to conversations as well.

#3) It was an LMS and tech-heavy conference.

As we were getting into the swing of things, we realized the conference was very tech-heavy in attendance. And that makes sense. Now more than ever, companies are starting to invest in learning management systems and remote learning solutions, which is great.

But this led to us feeling a little out of place as the L&D consulting company. We know that eLearning is great, but it’s not the only form of learning out there. As a result, there were a few misconceptions about what we do best.

That’s why we’re going to address some of those below.

Questions from Training 2022 – Who is Caveo and What Do We Believe?

Like we said above, most attendees present at Training 2022 were training-tech focused. And it makes sense. Remote training is more prevalent than ever. Plenty of organizations are still looking for ways to create and manage online training programs.

In the context of this conference, it felt like our unique value was drowned out in all the focus on new learning tech.

So, with that in mind, allow us to briefly introduce ourselves.

We are Caveo (pronounced cah-VEE-oh). We’re a complete L&D firm. We offer a full suite of services from L&D consulting to custom learning content to support service and staff augmentation. We’re headquartered in Chicago, but we have team members all over the US. We can work with you in-person and virtually.

We believe that effective training is rarely a plug-and-play solution. It takes more than the right technology to truly create change in your organization. That’s where we come in. You may have just purchased a new LMS or content authoring software. But we have the people and the expertise to help you get the most out of it.

We take the time to truly understand your business needs and look for the root cause of the issues your company might be facing. We then work with you, whether or not you have an existing L&D team, to create a learning plan and the right content to address those issues. We aim for results and use informed instructional design and expert consultation to get you there.

And there you have it. Thanks for indulging us there. Hopefully that answered any overarching questions you might have had for us at the conference.

We Hope You Enjoyed Training 2022

Overall, we enjoyed Training 2022, and we all had our own takeaways. While it happened under some less-than-ideal circumstances, it was great to see everyone making the most of it. Thanks again to the attendees who stopped by the booth and participated in our speaker sessions. We hope you all enjoyed them as much as we did!

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