Posted by Caveo Learning ● May 19, 2020

Find the Hidden Gem with the Right Learning Consulting Partner

find your hidden gem

As a learning leader, there are times when you need to partner with a consultant to support a particular initiative, leveraging their expertise to help you identify and design solutions.

Of course you'll compare services, expertise, experience, etc. in order to make a selection; however, there is a hidden value that consultants can offer—if equipped to do so—that is often overlooked during evaluation and selection: the opportunity for team professional development.

Sure, you can help your team deepen their skillset in a particular area in many ways—workshop and online offerings can be found everywhere. But there is a unique opportunity for this to occur while addressing a current business need. And the only way you can realize this hidden benefit is by partnering with a consultancy that has an intentionally collaborative engagement experience.

While many consultancies can provide solutions for your needs, usually the roll up your sleeves phases of work are completed in the background and then delivered to you when complete—leaving you and your team out of the process. In contrast, Caveo’s C4™ experience creates opportunities throughout an engagement for client project team members to get their hands dirty right alongside us. This means your team can gain exposure to the thought processes, considerations, and decision making discussions that are often kept behind the magical consulting curtain. The experience not only allows the team to build ownership in the results and implementation activities, but also helps to build their professional skillset in ways that benefit both the individual and the organization long after the project is complete.

What leader wouldn’t want to expand their team’s expertise in areas such as strategic thinking and analysis, change enablement, performance consulting, metrics and measurement, and process design/improvement? It’s a real bonus, but it’s not easy to find consultants whose approach allows for this to happen. At Caveo, we see it as key to supporting the long-term success of our clients—it’s just the way we do our work and is the part we often enjoy the most!

So, next time you are selecting a consultancy to partner with, consider if the approach being offered allows your team to leverage this hidden value. Your team (and business) will thank you!


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