Virtual Instructor-Led Training:
Create an Exceptional
Virtual Learning Experience

In today’s market, throwing up a PowerPoint with a voiceover is not enough. With email, the internet, and personal obligations competing for learners’ attention, developing engaging virtual instructor-led training (vILT) that changes behavior is paramount.

That’s where we come in. We leverage our A2® model to create impactful vILT programs that are fine-tuned to your business outcome.

The result? Personalized learning that captivates and commands your audiences’ attention on any virtual platform.

The Caveo Difference

Your business needs and virtual platform dictate our design. Our expertise is in developing effective trainings that work exactly the way you want them to.

Instructional Design That Wows

We consider the virtual aspect from the start. This isn’t about packaging your existing trainings into a digital product. Successful instructional design takes into account the subject matter, the audience, and the platform to create a unique, holistic, and collaborative experience that performs just as well (or better than) an in-person classroom training.

A Captivating and Memorable Experience

To produce results, training has to mesmerize the learner. Lessons should be entertaining, engaging, and easy to absorb. Competing for learners’ online attention against email and browser tabs is no easy feat. Fortunately, the Caveo team has always been fully remote so we truly understand what it takes to deliver meaningful digital interactions. It’s an art we’ve perfected.

Flexible Facilitation Options

Virtual instruction requires certain skills and knowledge beyond traditional classroom teaching. Navigating technical difficulties, running remote group activities, and encouraging participation are just a few ways instruction looks different online. Whether you want us to train the trainer or you would like us to take the reins, your vILT is sure to impress.

Fun and Trackable Engagement

You can’t simply replicate the classroom experience online. Virtual learning requires specialty instructional design techniques to capture learners’ attention and gauge participation. Here are a few elements we use to keep things interesting:

Discussion Boards

Chat Rooms

Group Breakout Rooms



Web Browsing Activities

The Benefits of Going Virtual

The beauty of vILT is its ability to be cost-effective without sacrificing the advantages of traditional classroom training. Explore how vILT is transforming the learning and development (L&D) landscape:



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Bite-Sized Learning Delivers Big Results

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Is vILT Right for You?

Virtual instructor-led training is all about the production. Before getting started, ask yourself the following questions to make sure you are building the best vILT program:

Can your content be presented digitally?

Can your content be presented digitally?

Do many of your employees work from home?

Do many of your employees work from home?

Are your learners familiar with virtual technology?

Are your learners familiar with virtual technology?

Do you have learners all over the world, or are they all together in a single building?

Do you have learners all over the world, or are they all together in a single building?

Take Your Virtual Trainings From Sleepy to Sensational

Is vILT training suffering from a case of the ZZZs? Then it’s time to spruce it up. Let’s work together to craft a learning experience that engages instead of distracts.