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Archdiocese of Chicago Reopens Doors During COVID-19 with vILT Training

The Problem

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When COVID-19 regulations prohibited large congregations of people, churches were among the many to close their doors. As stay at home orders began to lift, the Archdiocese of Chicago was preparing to open its doors again to churchgoers around the Northern Illinois region.

So how does the Archdiocese ensure that new proceeders will be comprehended and followed by parish leaders who are spread across the Northern Illinois region? 

Our Approach

As churches reopened, parishioners would have feelings of excitement and anxiety about the virus and the changes to the sacraments. Our solution needed to address safety and at the same time ease anxiety to ensure that the churches could reopen safely. Here's what had to happen:

  • Complete the training within 6 days
  • Implement a strong vILT strategy to train remote parish leaders
  • Create comprehensive learning materials

See how Caveo worked with the Archdiocese of Chicago to create a safe place for church-goers and parish leaders.