Digital Learning Done Right

Boring training is a drag! No one wants to be
inundated with endless slides with a monotone voiceover that puts you to sleep.

We are here to tell you that eLearning doesn’t have to be that way. Engagement is the key to helping people learn and retain new information, and we have mastered its execution to develop digital learning content that draws learners in.

Let’s work together to craft a memorable learning experience that will make learners sing your praises while improving their skillsets.

Engage Your Employees — Anytime, Anywhere

Learners are real people with busy schedules and different preferences. We develop eLearning programs to be captivating, impactful, and tailored to your learners.

Versatile Options Based on Your Needs

Training requirements vary for different areas of your organization, and that’s why we base our eLearning on three distinct levels of eLearning that get progressively more interactive and detailed. From online quizzes to videos, our flexible options can be mixed and matched with the learning needs of your people and your business. The goal? To present material the way learners will retain the information best.

Ultimate Convenience for the Modern Learner

Digital learning allows anyone with internet and a connected device to complete training, making it a great solution for the work-from-home environment. Since eLearning is self-paced, your people can learn when, where, and how they want—replaying and referencing the material as often as they need to get a full grasp of the concept at hand.

Huge Cost Savings Over Time

Rather than paying travel costs for the team to attend a conference or taking a subject matter expert away from their job to visit your office, invest in a digital learning program that everyone can complete remotely. It’s a consistent, repeatable, and scalable solution that you’ll have on hand and won’t have to pay for again each time the same training is required.

The Caveo Difference

Above all else is our love of learning. We’re not just pushing out training on a conveyor belt. We leverage our expertise and A²® process to develop commercial-grade, beautifully enticing training that captivates learners and drives positive outcomes regardless of the screen they’re looking at.

Progress You Can Track

One of the best parts about eLearning is that it’s easy to measure. Many learning management systems (LMS)
automatically track everything from progress to engagement to performance and can record and analyze those
metrics for you. We also incorporate the following interactive elements in our digital training programs to increase
absorption of the materials, collect feedback, and gauge participation:







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Is Digital Learning the Right Fit?

Before investing in an eLearning solution over other training options,
ask yourself the following questions:

Do you have employees that are stationed in different areas?

Is the content you want to teach well suited to a digital environment?

Do employees need to practice new skills in a safe environment so when it comes to real-life implementation, they are set up to succeed?

Is it difficult for your team to step away for large spans of time to complete training?

Is this material that you plan to reuse and repeat over time?

Is timely and automated feedback and recognition important for your employees or managers?

Do you have a diverse team that could benefit from learning at different paces?

Do your learners need to refresh their knowledge on a subject at their own pace?

Is consistency in your training programs beneficial?

Embrace Learning

If you’re ready to go digital with your next
learning program, we’d love to help!