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We deliver ROI-focused strategic learning consulting, learning and performance solutions enabled by learning technologies.
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What really sets us apart is our mission: Our goal is to transform the learning & development industry into one that consistently delivers targeted and recurring business value.
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The single-sheet plan will help you better coordinate your team, streamline your budget, collaborate with other departmental leaders, and align your KPIs to the organization’s business goals.

As many Human Resources, Learning & Development (L&D) leaders know, staff augmentation is a common way to add capacity to your team. However, the business case for staff augmentation is diminishing…

Building a learning and performance strategy is critical to achieving business objectives. It acts as a blueprint for the future state of the training organization while defining how training will align with the organization’s operational goals. It focuses on a road map for staff-wide performance improvement and builds an infrastructure to support changes.

As training vendors and software producers race to figure out whether the software delivered last year is really able to meet the needs of dynamic training organizations, little will be said about a new direction in training simulation. In fact, little literature exists about simulation within the corporate environment, causing many training organizations to wade into the unknown waters of simulation-based learning rather unprepared. To make those waters a little less mysterious, I’d like to discuss the concept of simulation-based learning and provide some guidelines for development.