The Ultimate Guide to eLearning


New eras require new tools.

L&D teams and training professionals need more capable ways to deliver quality training to a remote workforce at scale and with minimal cost. That’s where eLearning comes in. eLearning is perfect for a more flexible work environment. But it needs to be done right. So, we created this guide to set you up for eLearning success.

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  • What eLearning is
  • How to determine if it’s right for you
  • How to create effective eLearning content and courses
  • Tying it all back to business objectives
  • How the right work structure can help create effective content
  • How an outside perspective can help

Who is Caveo?

Caveo helps the world’s best-known brands and training teams take their people (and performance) further with results-focused training and instructional design.  

At Caveo, we have the knowledge, experience and credentials to drive success in your eLearning programs. Our experts develop effective online training programs that arm your people with the knowledge they need to drive results.


“They designed very accessible and engaging training, on-time and under budget. We were so pleased with the first project, we rolled straight into a second one! I’d highly recommend working with Caveo.

Director, Curriculum Development
Leading U.S. Digital Transformation Company

“Working with Caveo exceeded my expectations. They hit the ground running, got up to speed on some complex products and concepts, and asked key questions that drove the content forward.”

Director, Curriculum Development
Leading U.S. Digital Transformation Company

Get the Most Out of Your L&D

Caveo is a leader in eLearning, and thanks to our A method, we’re well-equipped to help you tackle your eLearning efforts from initial planning to implementation and measuring success.

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