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The focus of our learning solutions is on changing behavior, not the memorization of facts.

Learning that invokes behavioral change requires more than just reading on screen text, watching demonstrations, or even flashy graphics. Changing behavior requires a level of instructional interactivity that engages the learner to better understand the issues that are presented and improve their ability to effectively resolve those problems.

Identify the Appropriate Solution

Our development teams engage with you and your team to determine the best solution to meet the business objectives, timelines and budget. The modules teach participants new skills while allowing them to practice those new skills in a safe, simulated environment. We believe that interactive learning should be more than just a training course and instead be something in which all employees want to participate. This is done through our use of simulation, storytelling, rich media and, as appropriate, humor. When we incorporate all of these into a course, we create something that truly drives performance and change throughout an organization.

We offer different types of learning courseware to meet your specific business needs, including:

  • Simulations/scenarios
  • Game-based learning
  • Translation and localization services
  • Mobile learning
  • Blended learning

To learn how our more experienced, more dedicated people can help you meet your eLearning needs, send an e-mail to or call 1-312-651-4000.


What's Next

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