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Digital Learning Experiences

Digital LearningBeyond Traditional eLearning

At Caveo, we’re committed to developing more engaging user experiences by taking a fresh, immersive approach to customized digital training content. Our eLearning—we prefer to call it Digital Learning Experience—doesn’t look much like the eLearning you’re probably used to seeing.

We’ve eliminated that confining eLearning frame we call “the box,” opting for frameless format that uses more of the browser window for better readability, bolder images, and cleaner layouts.

Our digital learning experiences (DLEs) also feature intuitive course navigation. Traditional eLearning places too much emphasis on navigating through the course, rather than focusing on the important content… so we got rid of the Next button. Instead, intuitive scrolling pushes users forward based on their interactions.

We develop with the perspective of the end user in mind, creating digital learning experiences that place the focus squarely where it belongs—on the content.

Results-Focused Learning Solutions

Evoking behavioral change requires more than just reading on-screen text and watching demonstrations. It takes connecting with learners on an engaging, entertaining level, generating interest and buy-in. We accomplish this via simulations, storytelling, rich media and, as appropriate, humor. When all of these are incorporated into the digital learning experience, the result is a deliverable that truly drives performance and change throughout an organization.

We offer various types of learning courseware and modalities to meet specific business needs, including:

  • HTML5 custom content
  • Simulations and virtual scenarios
  • Game-based learning
  • Translation and localization services
  • Mobile learning
  • Blended learning
  • Virtual instructor-led training
  • Curation and social learning

To learn how our experienced, dedicated team of digital content developers can help you meet your learning needs, email or call 312-651-4000.