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Metrics and Measurement in Learning & Development


Caveo's emphasis on metrics and measurement is really around this language of business. It's so critically important to the rest of the business. It's the language they speak; it's what keeps them up at night. So it's important that we speak that same language and are able to communicate our value back to them in terms of how we've contributed to their success.

Reliable, trustworthy, and credible metrics—that's the difference between an L&D organization that has their budget cut first or the L&D organization that gets the increase in budget because the C-suite knows that what they do contributes to the success of their organization.

The issue that a lot of learning leaders run into is, when they're given the chance to talk about their success with the rest of the business, they tend to talk about terms of learning KPIs. So, utilization of their team and cost per hour and number of students taking their courses, when really, the rest of the business does not care about those types of things.

They don't care about how many hours of eLearning have been created. They really don't care about how many people have attended training. What they care about is the results. And so when you have key performance indicators that are tied to business objectives, you're really able to make that connection. Have an alignment with the business and to be able to report on results in a way that is going to be able to resonate with stakeholders.

The business cares about achieving their goals. We’re trying to hit sales goals, we’re trying to hit quality goals, and L&D has a critical role to play there, and we need to start talking in terms of business and to communicate that we understand what that means.

At Caveo Learning, we take this so seriously that we were the first in the world to be certified as Talent Development Reporting Consultants. Because we know that we need global standards, but we need them to be implemented in a way that's meaningful to the business.

So by talking the language of the business, blending in L&D metrics in measurement, we're bringing those things together for ultimate success of the organization.

So what's most important to the business is generating business value. That's how all the other business functions get evaluated. L&D needs to have that same focus in place.

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