Learner Personas: One Size Doesn't Fit All


Learner personas will boost the effectiveness of your learning solutions.

Learner Personas

Buyer personas have helped marketing agencies understand consumers' shopping habits for decades. Similarly, learner personas are a way to gain a clear picture of the learners in your organization—what motivates them, where their biggest challenges lie, where and how they prefer to consume learning, and whether they are early or late stage adopters of new technologies.
When done correctly, learner personas will boost the effectiveness of your learning solutions and help you design personalized, learner-centric experiences that are tailored to the diverse needs of your learner population. Join us as our Learning Solutions Architect team:
  • Introduces the concept of learner personas
  • Explores best practices and examples of effective learner personas
  • Gives you the tools and resources to get started

Who Should Attend?

Chief Learning Officers (CLOs), VPs of Training, Training Directors and Managers, Human Resources VPs and Directors, CEOs, and COOs

About the Presenters

Caveo's Learning Solution Architect (LSA) team provides oversight and support for a team of instructional designers who create learning and performance solutions aligned with client business objectives and performance measures. Each team member has over 20 years of experience collaborating with clients to drive business results through learning.

In this webinar, we will introduce you to LSA team members Barb Opyt, Erin Schneider, Sandy Stricker, and Louann Swedberg.

Watch our on-demand webinar!  Training and Change Management: A Symbiotic Relationship