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The Performance Improvement Mindset


Performance improvement is about understanding the absolute desired performance that the organization needs to achieve their business goals. It's not just about the knowledge or the skill; it's the entire performance system, and really understanding what is required for it from every part of that system for the organization and the people to perform adequately.

Performance mindset is about understanding that people perform inside a system, and that system has multiple levels. Before that, we traditionally focused on other work; the process, how they do their work; the worker—the actual performer; the workplace, the different resources they need, the tools that they need; and that there can be gaps at any one of these levels or all of these levels.

It's like a bicycle tire: it doesn't matter where you get the puncture, the whole tire is still going to go flat. You need to understand where you've got those punctures. Can we assume that there's only one puncture? Well, no. We have to make sure that we've understood all the different punctures that there are.

Where are all the different gaps to this performance at all those different levels? L&D organizations are trusting the business to come up with solutions. They're allowing themselves to be order takers. It's almost like a drive-through service. The business calls in and says, "Hi, I'd like to have a leadership training course, a coaching training course, and I'll pick it up at the next window," and we deliver it. Unfortunately, that's not going to solve any performance problems, because the business isn't in a position to really diagnose what the performance problem is here and what is going to solve that problem long-term.

We help you transform your entire L&D team, HR team, talent development, OD team, towards human performance technology or performance improvement thinking. That talks to the processes that need to be put in place; the education that the business needs to be able to interact with you; and then, of course, the processes, procedures, and the ways that you need to implement performance improvement in your business.

We're able to come in, we're able to run the process, and collaborate with your team to uncover the real root causes of this. We put together strong, integrated performance solutions, so that when you implement those, you know that this performance gap is not only going to be closed, but it's also going to be sustainable. Because an integrated performance solution is what's going to make a sustainable difference to the business goals of your organization.

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