The Benefits of Project-Based Consulting Over Staff Augmentation


Discover why project-based consulting often provides better value than staff augmentation.

project based over staff augStaff augmentation (or staff aug) is a common way to increase bandwidth to support short-term or one-off needs, where internal teams might not have the availability or expertise. Often, L&D organizations simply need more instructional designers, developers, or trainers to meet near-term course development and deployment workloads.

The typical approach is to contact a few staffing firms, review the stack of resumes they email over, negotiate the lowest possible hourly rates, and roll a few more chairs into the room.

However, this strategy rarely takes the true business case into consideration. In fact, the project-based model actually generates greater business value in many cases.

In this white paper, we compare project-based consulting and staff aug in terms of:

  • Timelines and budget management
  • Quality control
  • Tools, templates, and best practices
  • Project management methodology
  • Specialized resources and capabilities

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