Celgene Develops Center of Learning Excellence to Unify and Centralize Global Training Efforts



Creating a Better Approach to Change Management 

Without a department dedicated to learning and development, Celgene needed an L&D partner  to build a new process of communication and train employees on procedures and requirements. 

Download our case study to see how we aligned with their team to build an L&D department that:

  • Created training using our A method to speed up production time while maintaining high-quality content
  • Focused on tracking the right metrics  to continuously  measure success
  • Made a seamless transition during the organization's acquisition

Download the Case Study

The Caveo Difference 

At Caveo, we’ve had several long-term engagements with pharmaceutical companies, so we understand the nuances of the industry. Our expertise is in developing effective training that works exactly the way you want it to, and your business needs always inform our design.

We’d love to help make training more successful and enjoyable for all involved at your organization.

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