Astellas Pharma Redefines What Compliance Training Success Looks Like



How Astellas Pharma focused on strategic change management & performance measurement. 

 Astellas Pharma is a multinational pharmaceutical company employing over 15,000 employees worldwide.  As pharmaceutical industries are extremely risk averse, due to playing a role in public health, compliance training is a top component of organizational success.

Download our case study to see how we partnered with their in-house team to produce an effective compliance training program by;

  • Creating an implementation plan that drove user engagement 
  • Applying microlearning strategies to suit their learners
  • Defining which metrics will best track success 

Download the Case Study

The Caveo Difference 

At Caveo, we’ve had several long-term engagements with pharmaceutical companies, so we understand the nuances of the industry. Our expertise is in developing effective training that works exactly the way you want it to, and your business needs always inform our design.

We’d love to help make training more successful and enjoyable for all involved at your organization.

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